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🌟🌈 Shop our Kids bedding, cushions, blankets, and curtains. All on sale - Shop now and save up to 50% off! ✨🌟

Duvet Buying Guide

Duvet sizes

Duvet measurements vary for each customer; from the bed frame to the mattress, we understand they're designed for all ages and sizes of bedroom, and you'll need to find what's right for you. Our standard adult dimensions are Single, Double, King and SuperKing - we've added the exact measurements in centimetres to the table below for you to use at home; all you'll need is a tape measure and your chosen bed frame or mattress, and you can match the dimensions to one of our given sizes.
Mattress Size Measurements (approx):
Duvet Cover Measurements (approx):

Tog Rating

Tog rating is the Thermal Overall Grade results given to duvets from around the world. This scale allows customers to understand the level of thermal resistance and overall warmth they can expect from their potential purchase, as it's a common misconception that the thicker the material, the warmer the duvet. 
Starting at just 1 tog, this rating goes all the way up to 15. Indicating light, cool protection in the lower numbers vs. thermal and cosy as you get higher up the scale; cooler duvets are a favourite during the summer months, even as an extra layer of comfort all year round, whereas the higher tog ratings can be reserved for winter nights and arctic chills. Most families will buy duvets at each end of the scale to interchange with the weather, however, you should be comfortable with a middle-weight 10.5 tog throughout all seasons. 

Caring for you duvet & washing tips

It's important to read the label of your duvet before washing; fillings and fabrics can affect the process of care and you'll need to be aware of any adjustments or temperature limits from the manufacturer.
All duvets need to be washed in a large capacity washing machine to allow the filling to move freely. The ideal sizes of washing machine drums should be +15kgs with a gentle cycle to allow minimum agitation to the duvet. Synthetic fillings are able to be washed at 40-60 degrees to kill dust mites, and if your tumble dryer is the right size this can be used with your synthetic duvet to complete the drying process.
Top tip: try throwing tennis balls into your dryer to help stop the duvet clumping together whilst drying.
Natural fillings need to be thoroughly dried after washing; this may be difficult to achieve at home as your tumble dryer may not be large enough for the feather fillings, and weather can affect the use of garden line drying. Always read the care label before washing your natural duvet; you may be able to wash it on a gentle cycle, using a detergent without enzymes - however it's advisable to have your duvet professionally cleaned to ensure best results and longevity in use.